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Updated! Battle Cats Rangers APK 1.4.3 (Simulation Game)

Battle Cats Rangers APK 1.4.3

Editor's word: Funky kitties are back. Battle cats sage continues. Tap tap and zap zap the boss. Discover hidden teams. Mix and match for the best combo. The Battle Cat saga keeps on with Battle Cats Rangers!Tap for the ultimate win.


Updated! World of Guns APK 2.1.9m6 (Simulation Game)

World of Guns APK 2.1.9m6

Editor's word: Every mode in the game can be disassembled manually step by step. All basic function animations are presented for every gun 3D model. World of Guns - the ultimate 3D firearm encyclopedia and competitive game.

Updated! Flip Trickster APK 1.3.5 (Simulation Game)

Flip Trickster APK 1.3.5

Editor's word: Physics-based simulation game inspired by parkour and freerunning.

Updated! Baby Craft APK 1.3 (Simulation Game)

Baby Craft APK 1.3

Editor's word: Crafting and building kids world. Kindergarten preschool adventure - baby games. Crafting & building for Teens! Craft your own world! Best games for parents.

Updated! PC Architect APK 1.4.226 (Simulation Game)

PC Architect APK 1.4.226

Editor's word: PC building simulator in which you go through a journey to build your dream PC.

Updated! Stonies APK 1.35.023 (Simulation Game)

Stonies APK 1.35.023

Editor's word: Build your own stone age settlement. Guide your tribe through the rugged wilderness. Send your tribe out to hunt. Stonies – Secure the survival of your kin.

Updated! PUA - The Pickup Artist Story APK 1.5.4 (Simulation Game)

PUA - The Pickup Artist Story APK 1.5.4

Editor's word: Hookup, flirt and date girls! Become the greatest PUA.

Updated! Skyscraper Stack Builder APK 1.0.1 (Simulation Game)

Skyscraper Stack Builder APK 1.0.1

Editor's word: Raise the highest city tower in this tap-tastic arcade building simulator.

Updated! Appatrix Shopping Mall APK 2.3 (Simulation Game)

Appatrix Shopping Mall APK 2.3

Editor's word: First ever supermarket race 3D withdraw money supermarkt girlfriend game.

Updated! My Oasis APK 1.238 (Simulation Game)

My Oasis APK 1.238

Editor's word: It is a good app to heal your mind. Relax with a calming island game. Enjoy a oasis you create in a stress-free app.